Indoor Billboards

strategic placement for
captive audiences

  • Advertiser Benefits with a Mobile Landing Page

    Focused Attention

    With indoor advertising you get uninterrupted attention. You can’t click away from, drive by, turn the channel, flip through or turn off restroom advertising.

    How does it work?

    Rocket Dog employs a variety of advertising strategies to ensure your business gets maximum exposure and the best return on your investment.

    Advertiser Benefits

    Target audience by demographics, gender and location. Consumer has undisturbed time with your message. More exposure = more customers.

    Consumer Attitude

    “Consumer attitudes toward restroom advertising were found to be very positive with as much as 98% of those surveyed indicating a favorable reaction.”
    > Arizona State University Study

    Stronger Retention

    Retention of impressions generated by restroom advertising was found to be on average 40% stronger than impressions generated by other media.
    > Rice University Study

    85% Retention Rate

    “When restroom advertising viewers are shopping for a product or service, retention of that particular product or service advertised raises to an 85% rate.”
    > Market Intelligence Media Research

    Restroom Advertising

    Restroom advertising covers a range of mediums including, posters, QR codes, and landing pages. It is becoming a favorite method of product promotion because it reaches the group all marketers covet — a captive audience.

    Restroom visitors spend one to three minutes looking at stalls, mirrors, sinks, and walls. These are all ideal locations to place an indoor ad. Consumers in restrooms are mentally idle and more open to taking in the meaning of your advertisement.

    Rocket Dog Media’s advertising experts will consult with you to optimize the location of your indoor ads to target the costumers you want to attract to your business. Once the poster catches the eye of the consumer, they can utilize the QR code to learn more about your company on a specialized webpage.


    Achieve Your Goals

    Once we have outlined your goals, we will devise a clear-cut plan of achievement that reaches your target audience. Whether you are directing your message to locals, tourists, or to a specific gender or age range, we can show you the locations where your ads will make the greatest impression.

    We know small businesses are especially budget conscious, which is why we offer many low cost forms of advertising. You don’t need expensive ads to make sales. Generally, the best way to bring in customers is through repeated exposure to your brand. Even something as simple as an attractive sign can increase profits if it is placed in multiple, high-impact locations.

    No matter what type of advertisement you choose, we will design a marketing strategy focused on turning every one of your advertising dollars into sales.