Advertising Company

Rocket Dog is a professional advertising company dedicated to providing non-traditional forms of media to our clients. We offer services in markets all over the country. We love seeing small businesses succeed, which is why we chose to make them the focus of our company.

If you are searching for new and exciting ways to advertise your business, then look no further than Rocket Dog. We can help you place your ads in areas frequented by consumers with disposable incomes; and targeting those who are willing to spend always means a better return on your investment. As part of our services we can provide your company with:

The ability to reach out to new customers

The only way to grow your business is by acquiring new customers. Our advertising company can help you evaluate your current strategies and pinpoint segments of the market you may be missing. You might be surprised how fast your business can grow once you start connecting with new groups of consumers.

Tools to adapt to a changing environment

The market is changing like never before, and shoppers are increasingly more careful about how they spend their money. Those who aren’t willing to adapt and try new things are sure to be left behind. Rocket Dog is always on the cutting edge and committed to offering innovative, eye-catching solutions to all our clients. You’ll never see any of our clients ad’s in boring, easily dismissed locations.

Cohesive branding

Many small businesses suffer with poor branding or no branding at all. It is important potential customers know what you stand for and what you offer. Our talented design team can assist you in creating a campaign that is fluid and consistent, so everyone knows what you are about.


People must have repeated exposure to your brand if they are to retain your message. Some experts say it takes at least seven instances of contact for your brand to make an impression. Rocket Dog will position your ads in areas of high visibility and in places where there are captive audiences. This will ensure you get the best return on your advertising investment.

Targeting a specific audience

Are you looking to brand to a specific age, gender, ethnicity, or income level? If so, you won’t believe some of the simple solutions Rocket Dog has to offer. Our low-cost ads are astoundingly more effective than most traditional forms of advertising, and they are available to all businesses — big or small.

Above all, we are passionate about our industry, and this enthusiasm equals success and fulfillment for our clients. If you are ready to work with an advertising company that takes your achievements personally, then give Rocket Dog a call. Together, we can take your business to the next level.