How much does it cost to advertise?

Your Advertising Account Manager will help you determine the locations and impressions needed to facilitate a successful campaign. Our highest aim is to maintain a solid relationship with our advertisers. To do this we must show you a positive return on your investment. We’ll work hard to keep your campaign affordable. You will find this advertising method to be indispensable.

What is the average ad campaign length?

An average campaign length is 6 months. We can accommodate any time duration from 1 month to 12 months.

What differentiates Rocket Dog Media from the competition?

We’re focused more on local advertising. We also offer more. More locations, more personalized attention, and more benefits including a QR code on every advertisement linking it to a customized mobile landing page on a responsive website that is viewable on all devices. This allows our advertisers to connect with their customers, offering them incentives and coupons.

How long does it take for my ad to be placed?

It will generally take 30 days to complete the process of placing your ad.

Who keeps up with the maintenance of the ads?

Rocket Dog Media provides all installs and maintenance to ensure your message is clean and presentable. As a business owner you will not have to worry about maintaining the indoor advertisements placed in your venue.

Does Rocket Dog Media create my ad or can you use one I created?

Rocket Dog Media allows you to choose. We have talented designers who can create an ad for you or we can use one you created.

How hard is this?

You’ll be able to let your Advertising Account Manager handle everything. Rocket Dog Media couldn’t make this process any easier. If you’ve already spoken with one of our talented advertising specialists you already know how easy we’ll make everything.

Where will my ads be placed?

Your Advertising Account Manager will guide you with offerings of locations in your desired target area. We focus on demographic and placing your ads in the correct venues giving your message the audience it’s intended for.

Will my landing page be located in online search results?

Absolutely! You can login anytime from any browser and add keywords and information to help search engines find your optimized landing page. Your landing page is built with search engines in mind.

Can I see how many visits my landing page gets?

Yes! If you have a Google Analytics account you’re basically done (for the most part). Within the dashboard of your responsive website is an area to paste the analytics code. In Analytics, you can view all sorts of data pertaining to traffic your site is receiving.