QR Codes

Even if you’ve never heard of QR codes, you’ve likely seen them on signs, in magazines, and on packaging. They resemble ordinary barcodes, except they are designed to be scanned by consumers via their smart phones to learn more information about a particular product or service.

What QR Codes look like

QR, or quick response, codes are rapidly growing in popularity in the US, and tech-savvy shoppers are already accustomed to using them. Rocket Dog Media can help your business stay ahead of this curve by providing QR codes on all your indoor advertisements.

By using this technology, consumers will have instant access to your landing page and the opportunity to learn much more about your business than what you can display on a typical ad. With a QR code you can deliver a marketing “one-two punch” to potential customers by attracting them with your advertisement and then winning them over with the details on your website or landing page.

Also, once a person scans your code they can store your business’ information in their phone for future reference — they are literally walking around with your brand in their pocket.

QR codes are dramatically changing the way consumers shop. Don’t let your business get left behind. Instead, call on Rocket Dog Media to assist you in implementing this powerful form of advertising.

Rocket Dog Media not only includes a QR code on your advertisement, we also build a custom, easy to manage responsive website at no additional cost.  We choose to create websites using responsive web design as it provides the best viewing experience on every device and helps our clients stay connected to the influential mobile audience. Now, when consumers see your ad, they can easily scan the code and have your updated and fresh special or deal on their phone.  A fresh and updated landing page can be the difference when attracting new customers. The QR code, responsive website and landing page are another added benefit when working with Rocket Dog Media.