Restroom Advertising

It’s no secret people like to read in the bathroom, however most don’t take reading material with them into public restrooms. So, this opens up the perfect opportunity for advertisers to give the people something to read.

Consumers Remember Restroom Advertising

While the idea of invading such a personal space for product promotion may seem crass, studies have shown the public approves of restroom advertising. Research by Arizona State University and Barbour and Monroe Marketing both came to similar conclusions and found as much as 98.9% of people have favorable attitudes towards this type of publicity. Even better, the groups determined restroom ads leave longer impressions on consumers; with as much as 84.4% remembering specific advertisements.

Restroom Advertising Large and Small

No Distractions

This higher retention rate is a direct result of having undistracted viewers. In a society with increasingly shorter attention spans where people are constantly moving from one thing to the next, restroom advertising is able to reach people in a rare instance when they have no other distractions. It is able to cut through the mental clutter unlike any other form of advertisement.

Restroom Advertising

Restroom Advertising is Affordable

Since signs and posters are relatively inexpensive they can be placed in multiple locations, which creates the opportunity for even more exposure. This is an especially effective form of advertising for local businesses who want to flood a particular market with their message. Consumers who frequent local establishments are bound to use the restroom, see the ads in multiple locations, and then remember those signs when they need that specific service.

With billboards, commercials, pop-ups, flyers, and the other seemingly endless forms of advertisements, people are inundated with ads at home and in public. As odd as it may seem, the restroom is the last oasis where an ad can receive a person’s focused attention. Businesses that aren’t using restroom advertising are simply flushing advertising dollars down the drain.

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